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After being accepted, when do I start trainings?

Once you are accepted as a mentor, you will start trainings the quarter after you are accepted.

What trainings does Wazo offer for mentors? Are they mandatory?

Wazo Connect offers CAPS trainings, CARE training, etc. and they attending them is mandatory.

What support do mentors have?

Mentors will have bi-weekly mentor meetings to seek and give support to each other, in addition to our Mentor/Mentee Relations Directors who are here to offer support for our mentors whenever they need.

What is the training process like and is there a schedule?

Mentors will be trained during the first four weeks of a quarter and a schedule will be sent to them through the weekly mentor newsletters. 

How long is the mentoring program?
The program is 6 weeks long, but you can continue to apply as a Mentee after your 6 weeks is over with your mentor.
If I reapply, will I get a different mentor?
If you reapply, you will be placed with a different mentor by default. However, if you would like to be paired with the same mentor, you can make note of it on our form and MAY be placed with the same mentor. You are able to have the same mentor a max of 2 times, so for a max of 12 weeks.
How many times can I apply to be a mentee?
You can apply to be a mentee as many times as you would like! There is no limit.
What are mentoring sessions like?
Mentoring sessions are generally 1 - 3 times a week for around an hour. This is a time for you to speak with your mentor about anything that's on your mind, receive support from your mentor and work together to set goals for yourself for the next week, if applicable.
How often to mentees get paired with mentors?
We typically pair our mentees with a mentor within a couple days of receiving the mentee application.
Will mentees have the opportunity to meet other mentees?
Yes! Our Wazo Wellness events are a great place to meet and connect with other mentees!
Do all mentees that apply get accepted into the program?
Yes! All mentees that apply will be accepted and matched with a mentor.
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