Apply to be a summer intern: https://forms.gle/wNFo9FidBRmLHdSn6

Hiring Summer Interns!

We are currently hiring 2~3 interns to work with us over the summer on the Wazo App. The position is unpaid but depending on your commitment to your position over the summer, the internship may lead to a full time paid offer to work on the Wazo App. We plan to establish an LLC and launch the Wazo App by the end of the summer.

What is the Wazo App? 
The Wazo App will be an app that gives any university student access to personalized peer mental health support free of charge. We will be digitizing the student organization Wazo Connect to make mental health support more accessible. 
Pitch for Wazo App: https://drive.google.com/open…
Wazo Connect website: www.wazoconnect.com

The internship will require 10~20 hours per week between 7/8/2019-9/12/2019. You will be required to participate in meetings 2~3 times a week and complete work in between. We are currently hiring for the following positions
-Design Intern: UI/UX, graphic design experience required 
-Business Development Intern: startup/business/marketing experience required. 
-Tech Expert: App Programming skills required

This is a rare opportunity to get hands-on experience in starting a company from scratch while doing meaningful work. Initially, the Wazo App will be closely connected to the student organization Wazo Connect but it will be its own independent project.

If you are interested in trying out for any of the positions available please submit the application here: https://forms.gle/wNFo9FidBRmLHdSn6

If you have any questions please email kimy97@g.ucla.edu